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Micro Brewed and Hand Crafted car care products. Family owned and never mass produced because you DESERVE ONE BETTER





One Better Wax & Sealant is a one-step wax to clean, shine and protect with no powdery residue or streaks. It can be applied in sun or shade, by hand or machine for a deep wet look shine. Our wax will also hide light scratches and swirl marks, the proof is on black cars. Our wax also has sheeting action after washing run open hose over your car and watch the water disappear leaving a 90% dry car. Clear coat safe, no abrasives, can be applied over vinyl graphics or decals without leaving white marks and can restore hard smooth plastic parts.

Get That Showroom Shine!!!



16oz. wax & sealant





32 oz wax & sealant




Big Shot Spray Wax

Made from the same formula as our wax & sealant with added ingredients to make this easy convenient spray. Can be applied in sun or shade as it cleans, shines and protects. Easy to use just Shake, Spray, Spread and buff Shine!



20 oz Big Shot Spray wax


Spray wax refill gallon (128 oz)



F-iTless detail with polymer protection is just that (effortless). It is a spray and wipe application used between regular waxing to remove light dirt, dust, fingerprints and smudges. The polymer wax leaves a brilliant shine with depth and weather protection!



F-iTless 32oz




F-iTless 64 oz refill






Dash-iT is a non- streaking, self-leveling spray coating with a spray and wipe application. It is used on painted surfaces, glass and chrome to protect waxed surfaces giving it longevity, windows to repel water while adding shine. It can be applied over and over giving more depth and shine. Just 2 ounces will do a full sized car. Add as many layers as you want Dash-iT does not wash off after car washes.

Just Dash-iT and you're Done



 32 Oz Dash-iT coating





Dash-iT refill ( 128 oz.)





In-Tire is a water based interior and tire dressing unlike oils and gels which cause sling and attract airborne dust and dirt. In-Tire will dry in minutes and leave a brilliant shine on all interior panels, engine compartment plastics and hoses. Used on tires In-Tire leaves a natural waterproof satin finish. On interior panels In-Tire leaves a brilliant shine without the greasy feel and dries in minutes with a fresh cherry scent.

"Get the Shine without the Slime"



32 oz In-Tire dressing


In-Tire Gallon Refill ( 128 oz)




One Better Gold Wash & Wax is concentrated soap with synthetic wax protection for a streak free weather resistant shine. Add as little as 2 - 3 caps fills in a 5 gallon pail using a strong stream of water to release the cleaning agents will release soft cleansing foam for the toughest road grime while adding a layer of shine protection. After washing and rinsing you can unscrew the hose nozzle and rinse from top to bottom, Golds sheeting action leaves your car almost dry. For extra protection use Dash-iT detail coating as you dry.


Gold Wash & Wax 64 oz.




Gold Wash & Wax Gallon (128 oz)






Ceramic Intensify Mist is specifically designed for ceramic coatings. Ceramic finishes may last longer than conventional protectants but they do not last forever. CIM will keep your ceramic finish sharp, clear and hydrophobic longer as your first line of defense against the elements. Use after every washing or on a clean dry car as a touch up.

After washing your car while it is still wet spray CIM as you dry your car with a microfiber towel. Wring out the excess water and repeat spraying as you dry.

Ceramic Intensify Mist 32 oz. plus 16X16 microfiber towel




32 oz Ceramic Intesify mist











Wax Applicator

3 X 5

$3.00 each or 2 for $5.00

wax pads 3X5


16 X 16 Microfiber Towel


3 for $5.00 or 24 pack for $35.00 

16X16 microfiber




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Hand Crafted Car Care Products for your Car, Boat, Truck, Motorcycle. There's Always One Better !

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