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Cleans - Shines - Protects-

16 oz

One Better Wax & Sealant



-Can be applied in direct sunlight

-Hides swirl marks and fine scratches

-No powdery residue

-No harsh chemicals or abrasives

-Easy on easy off application

-Enhances any finish new or old

-Use by hand or machine

-Restores vinyl lettering and smooth plastic




wax & Sealant


Wax & Sealant 32 oz


32oz Wax& Sealant

Spray Wax 32 oz Economy size

Big Blue 32

 Made from the same formula as our wax & sealant but in an easy spray. Wax your car in half the time and still achieve that wet look shine and protection


big Blue spray wax





Detail your car in a Dash

32 oz

Dash-iT Detail Spray


-Detail your car in seconds

-Repels water and enhances waxed finishes

- adds a layer of depth and shine

-use between regular waxing to remove fingerprints, smudges, dust from painted surface, glass and chrome

-use on wet or dry car after washing

-Excellent lubricant when using clay

-Does Not contain harsh chemicals or alcohol

-Just mist One pump per section and wipe-

-many household uses


Dash-iT detail 32 oz

Dash-iT Gallon


 need more than one? Check internet specials.









Interior & Tire Dressing

22 oz



-Water based dressing

-Natural satin finish shine

-No sling like oils and gel

-When dry no oily feel

-Interior panels and mouldings

- dashboards and tires

-Rubber hoses and weather stripping

-Fresh Green Apple scent

-Repels water




In Tire 22 oz









Rise & Shine 

Wash& Wax

 Add a few ounces to your bucket and use strong stream of water to release gentile foam action to cut throught the toughest road grime. As you rince it will leave a layer of our finest carnauba wax for shine and protection


 64 oz ( half gallon jug)





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