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16 oz Bottle $18.00 + $5.34 shipping

Free Wax Applicator






Our One Better wax and sealant can be applied in sun or shade with ease of removal. No powdery residue or dusting. Will not harm or leave white lines on Vinyl decals or convertible windows. Use by hand or machine. Clear coat safe, will hide swirl marks and remove light oxidation.

Cleans - Shines and Protects in one easy step













22 oz bottle $12.95+ $6.50 shipping

Free Microfiber Towel


New 32 oz

Three options and save

32 oz options


Gallon Jug oz $35.00+ $12.00 shipping

Free Microfiber Towel




2 Gallon Special


Free Microfiber Towel

also available in 5 gallon pails call to order



Dash - iT and Done


Dash-iT Detail Spray used between regular waxing to achieve that just waxed look and it extends the protection of your wax . Just spray one pump in a dashimg motion across a section and wipe with a microfiber towel to restore that waxed look and feel. Dash-iT on any painted surface, windows and chrome for a brilliant clear streak free shine. Dash-iT will never leave any powdery residue on mouldings or decals. Dash-iT can also remove dust and fingerprints from dash boards and gauges as well as interior plastics . For a total shine use In-Tire for interior panels and seats. Use Dash-iT as a lubricant with a clay bar to remove contaminants from your paints finish. Dash-iT does Not contain any harsh chemicals, alcohol or abrasives. Dash-iT is truly an all around detail spray that has a fresh Green Apple scent.

Before the big car show?

Tablet or Smart phone ,windows have smudges?

Thousands of household uses just


















Better than the X







22 oz bottle $14.95




Is a water soluble dressing with brings out a natural shimmer to Interior and Tires. Unlike heavy gels and oils In-Tire will not have that harsh glare on your dashboard or "sling" off your tires as you drive. In-Tire for your entire interior- dashboards, panels, seats as well as all rubber seals and tires. You will also enjoy the fresh Green Apple scent.






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